Computer Science - Secure Computing Emphasis, B.S.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Secure Computing emphasis is a degree to provide a solid foundation in secure computing and develop advanced skills to master the technical details to develop complex systems securely. It consists mainly of 36 credit hours of security-focused classes, 30 core computer science classes, plus several additional computer sciences elective courses to have the greatest practical applicability. The degree will highly qualify students to meet the high-demand workforce in the security domain.

Matriculation Requirements

  1. Completion of CS 1400 Fundamentals of Programming, CS 1410 Object Oriented Programming, CS 2300 Discrete Mathematical Structures I,  CS 2420 Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures, CS 2450 Software Engineering I,  with a grade of C+ better.
  2. Completion of MATH 1210 Calculus I QL and ENGL 1010 Introduction to Academic Writing CC or ENGH 1005 Literacies and Composition Across Contexts CC with a grade of C or better.  
  3. Each of CS 1400, CS 1410, CS 2300, CS 2420, CS 2450, MATH 1210, and (ENGL 1010 or ENGH 1005) cannot be taken more than twice to obtain the required grade.
  4. Overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.