Forensic Science - Forensic Investigation Emphasis, B.S

The Forensic Investigation Emphasis within the BS in Forensic Science provides an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for public, state, and federal careers with needed forensic investigation subject matter expertise and analytical skills. This emphasis exposes students to the wide variety of critically important forensic investigation techniques, which are currently practiced within various forensic service providers and law enforcement agencies. Students are exposed to various techniques such as the identification and proper collection of evidence found at crime scenes, accurate crime scene documentation skills, forensic photography, death investigations, fingerprint processing/examinations, impression evidence/examination, bloodstain pattern analysis, crime scene reconstruction, firearms and tool mark evidence/examination. Students acquire skills such as critical thinking, writing, expert testimony, and analysis techniques specifically tailored for forensic investigation fieldwork. This emphasis provides students with the overall professional skills, work ethic, and demeanor required of forensic investigators.

Matriculation Requirements

Admission to the BS program includes the following requirements:

  1.  Completion of all general education courses.
  2.  Completion of all lower division CJ courses with a B- grade or higher.
  3.  Completion of MATH 1080 (or MATH 1050 and MATH 1060), BIOL 1610, BIOL 1615, CHEM 1210, CHEM 1215, CHEM 1220, 1225, PHYS 2010, PHYS 2015 with a B- grade or higher. 
  4.  Overall GPA of 2.7 or higher.
  5.  Application for admission to BS Forensic Science program.
  6. Two academic letters of recommendation.