Welcome to Utah Valley University!

At UVU, we say: "Come as you are, UVU is a place for you." A place that honors your story, your goals, and your hard work. The lessons you learn here can put you on the path to success - academically, professionally, and personally.

I'm confident you'll find an educational style that works for you at UVU, where we value flexibility and an engaged learning approach that combines coursework, research, lectures, hundreds of online class options, hands-on activities, and real-world experiences. Students who dive in will create connections, expand their horizons, and become better prepared to enrich the world around them.

I encourage you to explore this course catalog. You'll find classes that will challenge and inspire you, whether you're pursuing a certificate or degree program. And remember, behind every class is a dedicated team of faculty members, staffers, and administrators. Together, we are working to ensure that UVU is a place of exceptional care, accountability, and results.

You are an important part in the vibrancy of our community. That means not just academics, but also extracurricular activities and athletic offerings. I hope you'll sample everything UVU has to offer!

No matter your background or interests, there is a place for you at UVU. So, come as you are, Wolverines! And bring your dreams.

Best wishes,

Dr. Astrid S. Tuminez

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Utah Valley University offers programs at its several campus sites, including the Orem Campus, the Provo Airport Campus, the West Campus, the North Valley Center, and the Wasatch Campus. The UVU semester class schedule designates at which campus site each class section is taught.