Electrical Engineering, B.S.

A Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering provides a broad foundation in electrical engineering through combined classroom and laboratory work and prepares students for entering the profession of electrical engineering as well as further study at the graduate level. The core courses will provide students with a strong background in mathematics, physical science, and fundamentals of engineering.

Matriculation Requirements

To be admitted to the BSEE program a student must complete the following courses with a minimum grade of C in these courses and grade point average of 2.5 or above. A student not meeting all of the admission requirements, may request in writing, a provisional admission status for a semester from the department. The provisional admission status must be approved by the electrical engineering program coordinator.

 MATH 1210 Calculus I QL

MATH 1220 Calculus II

PHYS 2210 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I PP

PHYS 2215 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I Lab

PHYS 2220 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II PP

PHYS 2225 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II Lab

CS 1400 Fundamentals of Programming

ECE 1000 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 2700 Digital Design I

ECE 2705 Digital Design I Lab

ECE 2250 Circuit Theory

ECE 2255 Circuit Theory Lab