Respiratory Therapy, B.S.

The BSRT includes five semesters of course study after completion of the first two years of undergraduate curriculum. The program is designed to provide students with educational and clinical competence by emphasizing advanced clinical knowledge, critical thinking, and versatility. Students are engaged in the theoretical, practical, and clinical aspects of adult, pediatric, and neonatal respiratory care. They gain a well-rounded and in-depth knowledge base of respiratory clinical science and its application in health care.

Unless students already have an RRT Certification and associate's degree, the following matriculation requirements may apply.

Matriculation Requirements

1. Complete the following coursework: 

  • College English (6 credits)
  • Quantitative Literacy
  • Personal Health and Wellness
  • Microbiology with lab (4 credits) 
  • College Biology with lab (5 credits)
  • Chemistry (4 credits)
  • Human Anatomy with lab (4 credits) 
  • Human Physiology  with lab (4 credits) 
  • Physics
  • Survey of Respiratory Therapy

Note: Must pass all general education and pre-requisite courses with a minimum of a “C” grade or higher   

2. Complete the Test of Academic Skills (TEAS)

3. Submit the Respiratory Therapy Application Fee and Application by the third Friday in September

4. Personal Interview: All candidates will be screened and those deemed to meet or exceed basic application requirements will be invited for an interview. This interview does not guarantee acceptance into the program as students will compete with all other applicants for matriculation into a cohort. Applicants must bring a photo ID to the interview. 

5. Other Determining Factors 

  • Prior healthcare experience (preferred, but not required) 
  • Shadowing opportunity (recommended) 
  • Discipline for academic performance 
  • Successful completion of a background check
  • Drug Screen