Biomedical Science, B.S.

Biomedical Science aims to use the vast and ever-progressing fields of biology to improve human health and the treatment of disease. It encompasses the general fields of human anatomy, physiology, genetics, cell biology, and molecular biology, as well as more specialized disciplines such as neuroscience, immunology, histology, developmental biology and pathophysiology, among others. A degree in Biomedical Science helps to prepare students for several careers within healthcare, as well as a solid foundation for other post-baccalaureate work. These include preparation for medical school, dental school, and a wide variety of other graduate school options. In addition, students who are not interested in pursuing a graduate degree could work for medical labs, research labs, hospitals, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical companies following graduation with a BS in Biomedical Science.

Matriculation Requirements

BIOL 1610 College Biology I BB with C- or higher and approval of Biology Department advisor.