Mathematics Education, B.S.

The Secondary Education – Mathematics major is designed for students who plan to teach Mathematics at middle, junior or high school level or for graduate studies in the field. The degree will prepare students to become state certified to teach the subject at any secondary level and help to address shortages of secondary math educators in Utah. Graduates will not only understand the art of teaching but also have a deep content knowledge of Mathematics. Graduates of this program are able to accurately interpret and translate pictorial and descriptive information into mathematical statements; solve problems quantitatively and communicate results clearly; demonstrate understanding of numeric, algebraic and geometric reasoning; and, demonstrate computational skills in areas of applied mathematics.

Matriculation Requirements

  1. Completion of MATH 1210 Calculus I QLMATH 1220 Calculus II, and MATH 2210 Calculus III with a 3.0 GPA.
  2. Completion of STAT 2040 Principles of Statistics QL with a grade of "B-" or higher.
  3. ENGL and MATH QL courses must have a grade C or higher.
  4. GPA of 3.0 or higher with no grade lower than a C in content area courses.
  5. Completion of all General Education requirements and 70% of content area courses.
  6. Pass LiveScan Criminal Background Check.