Finance, B.A.

The Bachelor Degree in Finance at WSB prepares graduates for careers in the financial services industry. Students learn basic financial theory as well as specialized courses in financial management of corporate and business organizations, analysis of investment alternatives, and other more sophisticated finance related activities. Graduates go into banking, brokerages, become financial managers, and perform a variety of other financial services functions. Students with language skills may take an appropriate number of courses to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Matriculation Requirements

ECON 2010Principles of Economics I SS3
ECON 2020Principles of Economics II SS3
ACC 2110Principles of Accounting I3
ACC 2120Principles of Accounting II3
Complete one of the following: 1
Business Computer Proficiency
Spreadsheet Applications
MKTG 220GWritten Business Communication GI WE3
MGMT 2240Business Quantitative Analysis3
MGMT 2340Business Statistics I3
MGMT 2400Data Analytics for Business3