Digital Marketing, B.S.

The Digital Marketing major at UVU offers an analytical, applied, engaged-learning approach to digital marketing. Students learn a balance of marketing strategy, content creation, graphic design, and website/social media analytics for marketing campaigns. The digital marketing major offers an expanding menu of beginning and advanced courses that allow students to use their digital marketing skills for live engaged-learning clients.

Matriculation Requirements

Students will be limited to 9 hours of upper-division credit until matriculation is completed.

ACC 2110Principles of Accounting I3
ECON 2010Principles of Economics I SS3
Complete one of the following: 2
My Educator
Business Computer Proficiency
Spreadsheet Applications
MKTG 220GWritten Business Communication GI WE3
MKTG 2390Professional Business Presentations3
MGMT 2340Business Statistics I3
or STAT 2040 Principles of Statistics QL
MGMT 2400Data Analytics for Business3

Students cannot take the following courses until they have matriculated: , MGMT 3450 Operations Management and MGMT 4860 Business Strategy Formulation and Implementation