University Studies, B.A.

The BA/BS is designed to meet the academic and professional objectives of learners whose needs are not addressed through existing degree programs. The degree assists learners in developing essential skills valued by employers and graduate schools (e.g., applied learning, critical thinking, written and oral communication, teamwork, ethical reasoning, and global understanding) within the framework of a larger discipline. Learners will complete a structured yet customized set of upper division courses under the guidance of an advisor and faculty mentor to ensure that standards for academic rigor at the Bachelor level are achieved. Candidates for the degree will focus on intellectual skills and integrative knowledge by enrolling in courses in a general disciplinary area with intentionally-selected, specialized knowledge courses that contribute to an integrated whole, and by completing a capstone experience that further prepares them for their chosen professions or graduate school admission. Under the direction of a faculty member, students will complete a capstone course or an internship which will involve reflection and a synthesis of learning to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes for the degree.