Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counseling, Certificate of Proficiency

The UVU Behavioral Science Department offers classes that fulfill the social science distribution requirements for graduation, the Behavioral Science pre-major for the associate degree, the Behavioral Science major for the bachelor degree (with an emphasis in Anthropology, Family Studies, Psychology, or Sociology, a Bachelor of Social Work, and a Certificate of Proficiency in Substance Use Disorder Counseling (SUDC).

Matriculation Requirements

Students must apply and be admitted to the UVU SUDC program. The following four courses must be completed with a C- grade or higher prior to starting the SUDC program:
ENGL 2010 Intermediate Academic Writing CC,
PSY 1010 General Psychology SS,
PSY 1100 Human Development Life Span SS, and
PSY 2300 Abnormal Psychology
Completion of these courses, as well as University Advanced Standing, must be verified on the application for admission. For additional admission information for this program please visit