Chinese Language, Minor

The Chinese Language minor is designed for majors in any field who wish to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of Chinese language, culture and society. The minor in Chinese Language is to equip students with a foundation in Chinese language and culture necessary to successfully interact with Chinese people. A minor in Chinese language should open doors to a variety of career options, for example, working in a position where Chinese language skills and cultural/business knowledge are desirable, teaching at a school or working for a multinational company, or pursuing advanced studies in Chinese, Asian studies, international relations, or related disciplines. Study abroad is strongly encouraged both for language acquisition and the attainment of cultural competency.

Matriculation Requirements

Complete lower division Chinese courses [CHIN 1010 Beginning Chinese I LHCHIN 1020 Beginning Chinese II LHCHIN 2010 Intermediate Chinese I LH, and CHIN 202G Intermediate Chinese II HH GI] or attain a similar level of language mastery through other means. Native speakers begin at the upper division level.