Deaf Studies - General Deaf Studies Emphasis, B.A.

This four-year degree is a liberal arts degree that provides in-depth study into all facets of the Deaf-World. Students choose among two emphases. There is no special application process, but for students to qualify for the Interpreting Studies emphasis, they will need to pass ASL 3060 American Sign Language Proficiency. Students should declare their major by contacting the academic advisor for the Languages Department. The General Deaf Studies Emphasis provides an opportunity for students to gain advanced ASL skills and thorough knowledge of the Deaf-World. Graduates with this emphasis will be prepared to work in various fields related to deafness. They will also work in fields that are not specifically tied to the Deaf-World but which require the skills and knowledge cultivated through the acquisition of any liberal arts degree. This emphasis is also terrific preparation for graduate school in any number of disciplines.