Apprentice (APPR)

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APPR 281R.  Cooperative Work Experience.  (1-8 Credits)  
Corequisite(s): APPR 285R
Designed for electrical construction apprentice majors. Provides paid, on-the-job work experience in the student's major. Work experience, the correlated class and enrollment are coordinated by the Cooperative Coordinator. Includes student, employer and coordinator evaluations, on-site work visits, written assignments and oral presentations. Provides experience in writing and completing individualized work objectives that improve present work performance. May be graded Credit/No Credit.
APPR 285R.  Cooperative Correlated Class.  (1 Credit)  
Corequisite(s): APPR 281R
Designed for electrical construction apprentice majors. Identifies on-the-job problems and provides remediation of those problems through in-class discussion and study. Includes the study of identifying and maximizing service opportunities. Students register for this class with approval of the Cooperative Coordinator. Includes lecture, guest speakers, video tapes, role playing, case analysis, oral presentation and written assignments. Completers should be better able to perform in their field of work or study.