Languages (LANG)

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LANG 1000.  English Literacy for Deaf Students LH.  (5 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): Deaf students fluent in American Sign Language
Individually tailored English course taught entirely in ASL. Covers a variety of topics to prepare Deaf students for entrance to courses satisfying college English requirements. Topics of study, which vary by semester and by student need, include grammar, usage, reading comprehension and analysis, sentence construction, paragraph composition, and thematic approaches to writing. Uses students' experience with American Sign Language and Deaf culture as the basis for instruction in English as a Second Language.
LANG 281R.  Language Internship.  (1-8 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): Department approval
Provides supervised, practical, and professional experience for students preparing for careers related to languages. May be repeated for a maximum of eight credit hours. May be graded credit/no credit.
LANG 291R.  Independent Study.  (1-3 Credits)  
Designed primarily for students who will travel or live in a foreign country for a period of time and want to participate in an instructor-directed academic experience worthy of one to three hours of credit. May also be used similarly for directed studies, either on or off campus, dealing with a foreign language or culture.
LANG 3000.  Language and Culture LH.  (3 Credits)  
Cross-listed with: ANTH 3000  
Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1010 or ENGH 1005, (ANTH 101G or any foreign language 2010 course), Sophomore status, and University Advanced Standing
Introduces cultural linguistics. Analyzes features of human languages that make possible semantic universality. Examines distinction between phonetic and phonemic units. Explores relationship between language and culture. Studies how language shapes culture and how culture shapes language.
LANG 3010.  Introduction to Linguistics.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): University Advanced Standing
Focuses on achieving an understanding of language as a group of distinct yet complementary systems which interact to enable human communication, e.g., phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Introduces implications of how languages reflect the cultures in which they are used, and discusses how language is learned, processed and interpreted and how languages change over time.
LANG 312R.  National Cinema History.  (3 Credits)  
Cross-listed with: CINE 312R  
Prerequisite(s): ENGL 2010 and University Advanced Standing
Covers a single national cinema tradition from the early days of film to the present. Explores representative films from a nation's cinematic chronology, considering major themes, movements, controversies, and artists. Considers social and political contexts as related to the national film output. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits toward graduation.
LANG 4200.  Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): (Matriculation into any secondary education bachelor degree program or departmental approval) and University Advanced Standing
For those who plan to certify to teach a foreign language. Addresses learning approaches, methods, evaluation procedures, text analysis, and other techniques for teaching and evaluating language learning. Includes discussion about professional organizations and other resources in the field. Taught entirely in English.
LANG 4500.  Translation Technology.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): University Advanced Standing
Provides students the practice and exposure to become proficient in the use of CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools, which is crucial for competitive entry into the language services industry. Prepares students and translators of any language to obtain one or more certifications for industry-leading CAT tools, such as Trados, memoQ, and Phrase. Describes machine translation technology from its origins to the current state of the science. Investigates the foundational principles of terminology management. Lab access fee of $12 applies.
LANG 481R.  Language Internship.  (1-8 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): Departmental Approval and University Advanced Standing
Provides students real-world, closely-supervised work experiences in positions directly related to their language studies. Includes a theoretical component such as, but not limited to, papers, projects, completion of reading assignments, tests, journaling, field studies, etc. Students desiring to do language internships must get department approval and must meet with a faculty sponsor to determine individual credit hours and requirements. May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credits toward graduation. May be graded credit/no credit.
LANG 490R.  Special Topics in Languages.  (1-3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): Department Approval and University Advanced Standing
Provides an opportunity to undertake a well-defined project or academically rigorous independent research in languages. May include formal instruction and collaboration with faculty and other students. May be repeated for a total of 6 credits toward graduation.