Entrepreneurship (ENTR)

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ENTR 2500.  Creativity and Entrepreneurial Thinking SS.  (3 Credits)  
Introduces the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurial creativity. Draws upon the inspired thinking and entrepreneurial pursuits of leaders in a variety of disciplines in order to understand the process of innovation and appreciate the role of creativity in making innovation possible. Includes topics such as the customer/problem/solution framework, design thinking, prototyping, intellectual property, creative idea development, lead user research methodology, peer feedback, new venture financing, and the lean start-up.
ENTR 293R.  Entrepreneurship Lecture Series.  (1 Credit)  
Presents lectures by guest speakers on current entrepreneurship issues and topics. Speakers and topics vary each semester. May apply a maximum of 3 credits toward graduation.
ENTR 3170.  Entrepreneurship - Feasibility Analysis.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): (ENGL 1010 or ENGH 1005) and University Advanced Standing
Analyzes experientially the feasibility of potential business opportunities. Provides opportunity to work on new ventures or existing businesses. Analyzes, evaluates, and develops opportunities using project-based learning. Applies the scientific method and design thinking to research the feasibility of the market, value proposition, financial model, and management team. Covers topics related to feasibility, including legal business entities, intellectual property, tax implications, ownership structures, and advisory boards. Uses secondary research to define and build hypotheses around feasibility. Uses primary research to test and validate customer expectations and product design.
Lab access fee of $13 applies.
ENTR 3180.  Entrepreneurship - Launching a New Venture - For Non-Business Majors.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): (ENGL 1010 or ENGH 1005) and University Advanced Standing
Pre- or Corequisite(s): ENTR 2500
Designed for undergraduate students in non-business majors who are actively pursuing a venture that is launch-imminent. Builds on ideation methods learned in ENTR 2500 to further develop new, unique, impactful, and feasible "curve jumping" business concepts. Introduces and supports students in active quests to achieve major development milestones in all aspects of business concepts, including but not limited to, the entrepreneurial mindset, business models, strategies for competitive advantage, defining and targeting market segments, sales, organizational structure and design, mission and culture, motivation, effective communication, operations and quality, data management and analytics, creating initial pro-forma financial statements, and presenting business concepts to potential stakeholders.
ENTR 3190.  Early-stage Financing.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): University Advanced Standing
Provides students an overview of financial modeling for entrepreneurship and small business, as well as the sources and processes involved in financing new ventures. Teaches financial management, pro-forma financial statements, cash flow, bootstrapping, and debt and equity financing in an entrepreneurial environment.
ENTR 3220.  Entrepreneurship Law.  (3 Credits)  
Cross-listed with: LEGL 3000  
Prerequisite(s): (ENGL 1010 or ENGH 1005) and University Advanced Standing
For entrepreneurship students and others desiring a to start a business. Presents current U.S. legal framework as they concern start-ups and new businesses. Topics include the American legal system, constitutional law, statutory law, common law, and administrative law and alternatives to courts. Discusses crimes, torts, negligence, contracts, negotiable instruments, and contractual relationships.
ENTR 4200.  Innovative Opportunity Development.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): ENTR 3170 and University Advanced Standing
Focuses on the development of both (a) the key value proposition of a product/service offering, and (b) the business entity that provides that offering. Covers the use of client-centered development and design thinking to create, modify and validate business solutions. Emphasizes client feedback from concept through prototype development.
Lab access fee of $13 for computers applies.
ENTR 4210.  Career Development for Entrepreneurs.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): ENTR 3170 and University Advanced Standing
Considers the personal and interpersonal development of entrepreneurs and other business professionals. Addresses issues and provides specific guidance in areas such as business and personal financial strategies, business and family interpersonal relationships, networking, human resource management, and professional self-image.
ENTR 4300.  The Art of the Pitch.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): (ENTR 2500 or ENTR 3170) and University Advanced Standing
Teaches entrepreneurial strategic communications skills to help the entrepreneur prepare for and present business ideas to prospective investors, partners, employees and customers. Focuses on skill development in written, visual, verbal and vocal communications to pitch business ideas. Develops confidence and the ability to handle questions regarding presentations.
Lab access fee of $13 for computers applies.
ENTR 4400.  New Venture Financing.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): ENTR 3170 and University Advanced Standing
Covers advanced concepts and skills in entrepreneurship/small business management. Emphasizes how new and emerging companies are financed. Applies functional tools to case situations.
Lab access fee of $13 for computers applies.
ENTR 4450.  Entrepreneurship - Enterprise Formation.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): ENTR 3170 and University Advanced Standing
Assists in applying skills learned in prior courses through hands-on experiences. Provides an integrated, engaged learning opportunity in entrepreneurship for launching a business. Provides coaching and mentorship for developing and implementing a strategic operational plan and business model.
ENTR 4455.  New Venture Consulting.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): ENTR 3170 and University Advanced Standing
Integrates the identification, evaluation, and/or development of the small- and medium-sized business opportunities of community-based entrepreneurs. Makes use of an engaged learning opportunity for business students interested in learning how consultants work by consulting with and assisting entrepreneurs. Includes projects that cover and examine all functional areas of business and the interaction between them. Covers consulting processes and strategies as well as provide tools and techniques for developing business models and assessing opportunities.