Literacies and Composition (ENGH)

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ENGH 0890.  Literacies and Composition Across the University.  (5 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): Appropriate placement scores.
Teaches reading-based writing (reading-to-write). Helps students bridge the gap between personal and academic writing and practice ways their personal literacies, experiences, opinions, and observations extend to particular academic conversations. Emphasizes extensive reading throughout the semester using models for organization, style and primary sources for classroom discussions and essay content. Lab access fee of $15 for computers, software applies.
ENGH 1005.  Literacies and Composition Across Contexts CC.  (5 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): ENGH 0890 or appropriate placement scores.
Focuses on reading-based writing with strong rhetorical concentration; expands critical reading, writing, and thinking concepts from 0890 and prepares students for reading, writing, and thinking in ENGL 2010 and other future courses and future situations. Provides strong skills development in digital literacy for multi-media content creation, research, and presentations. Provides a project-based curriculum, along with best-practices pedagogies, providing students with authentic contexts, audiences, and opportunities to be intrinsically motivated to develop writing and reading skills and knowledge. May be delivered hybrid and/or online.
Canvas Course Mats of $33/Fountain Head Press applies.
Lab access fee of $15 applies.