Edu Child and Family Studies (ECFS)

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ECFS 208R.  Directed Readings.  (1-4 Credits)  
For second-year ECFS students. Includes readings with analysis and discussion of selected topics in child education and family relationships. Requires approval of the department for registration. May be taken for a maximum of four credits.
ECFS 2900.  Independent Study.  (1-5 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): Approval of ECFS Department
Provides independent study through faculty-directed individual projects related to working with children and families. Possible areas of study include curriculum, behavior management, program administration, family studies, and case studies in applied theory.
ECFS 3320.  Gender Perspectives in Education.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): University Advanced Standing
For educators, counselors, student teachers, those wanting to recertify, and other interested students. Explores gender issues that may affect the educational experience of girls and boys. Examines history, biases, myths, and stereotypes. Develops sensitivity to issues of gender through discovery learning. Assists participants to recognize cultural and individual issues as they pertain to gender.
ECFS 4720.  Characteristics and Identification of Gifted Students.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor and University Advanced Standing
Designed for senior teacher education students and in-service teachers. Reviews different conceptualizations of intelligence and giftedness and practices and instruments used for identification. Describes characteristics and cognitive, social and developmental needs of gifted students.
ECFS 4730.  Teaching Gifted Students.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): ECFS 4720, Instructor Permission, and University Advanced Standing
For senior education students and in-service teachers in local schools. Describes the various settings in which gifted students are served. Reviews instructional strategies and assessment appropriate to teaching gifted students, and strategies for dealing with parents.
ECFS 492R.  Special Topics in Gifted Education.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): (EDEL 3000 or EDSC 3000), Instructor Permission, and University Advanced Standing
Designed for senior education students and local in-service teachers. Includes topics, such as underserved populations of gifted students, contemporary issues in gifted education, creativity, etc. May be repeated 3 times for credit.
ECFS 494R.  Special Topics in Educational Psychology.  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): (EDEL 3000 or EDSC 3000), Instructor Permission, and University Advanced Standing
Explores topics in educational psychology as it relates to classrooms. Includes topics, such as motivation to learn and succeed, classroom application of learning and cognition, role of emotion in learning, etc. Varies each semester. May be repeated 3 times for credit.