Physical Science (PHSC)

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PHSC 1000.  Survey of Physical Science PP.  (3 Credits)  
Surveys the exciting world of science and explains the basic scientific laws and models by which the physical universe may be understood. Stresses historical aspects and the impact of physical science on modern society. Draws topics from the fields of physics, chemistry, geology, meteorology and astronomy. Uses lectures, dramatizations, audio-visual presentations, and demonstrations.
Canvas Course Mats $95/Pearson applies.
PHSC 281R.  Cooperative Work Experience.  (2-9 Credits)  
Prerequisite(s): Approval of Cooperative Coordinator
Designed for Physical Science majors. Provides paid work experiences in the student's major. Course content is individualized, with students setting objectives in consultation with their faculty coordinator and their on-the-job supervisor. Credit is determined by the number of hours a student works during the semester. May be graded credit/no credit.